Darkness over Ustalav

A GM's Account of the Events in Ravengro (Part I)

15 Pharast, 4712

Agna, Crokus, Daav, and Lillian all arrived in Ravengro to attend the funeral and reading of the Last Will and Testament of personal friend, employer, and mentor Professor Petros Lorrimar. During the funeral procession our heroes respectfully declined to be pallbearers which turned out to work to their advantage as the procession was disrespectfully interrupted by Gibs Hephenus, a local farmer, and a group of disreputable individuals intent of denying the Professor’s interment in the Restlands.

Daav, being the massive scary half-orc he is, forced the farmhands to back down on their position and both Lillian and Agna managed to talk down the mob and permit the procession to pass unimpeded. Lillian and Agna also took a moment to speak a few heartfelt words at the funeral which brought the small gathering to tears.

After the somber events in the Restlands, Kendra Lorrimar, the deceased Professor’s daughter, invited the group back to her home for the reading of her father’s will. Councilman Hearthmount grudingly presided over the reading. The Last Will and Testament of the Professor willed all his possessions to his daughter aside from a chest of books to be delivered to the University of Lepidstadt along with 100 platinum pieces to each of our heroes. Both to be delivered in Lepidstadt in a month’s time. Of particular note were a few tomes, On Verified Madness, Serving Your Hunger, The Umbral Leaves, and the Professor’s Journal.

Our heroes learned a great deal about Harrowstone Prison and The Whispering Way. They also located a significant stash of magical items designed to deal with undead monstrosities. In addition, they dealt with two giant centipedes in very short order though not unscathed as Lillian was bitten by both of them.



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